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1. Interview questions wil vary @ ur resume. Dont be hungry on big salary package. Most of them, borrow resumes from friends. They even dont go through resume'. Just changes the name, mail and mobile number. Every interviewer reads ur resume thourougly. Thats they ask questions from ur resume only. Dont keep TOP MNC COMPANIES if u r searching job projecting fake experience. Bcoz 3rd party verification becomes arduous. Even if u get job, at the time of client interview, u may fall off bcoz of lack of knowledge

2. If u copy ur friends resume n, if u both people put same companies, same project, u both may be cross checked and u may bcom ultimate loser some times.

3. Some times the interviewer may have friends in the company u had put experience. He may ask whoz ur project lead/ hr n their names.

4. Much experience u projecting, tough the interview will be. Dont become hungry fox n out of game.

5. Many n most people going to interview, search google search engine (which is best) and gets links to many websites n collects heavy material n forget the material they had prepared. But I suggest rank ur knowledge n subject base. Starter, middle level, expert. Every SAP BIW Job seeker wil b Starter. Thus u prepare fundamentals n definitions. Ex: what is architecture of SAP BI N BW.

6. Dont mention the term ''IDES'' in ur resume.

7. I suggest to read Henry Fu Step by Step Guide which has covered advanced topics.
When am trying to create HIERARCHY manually, by selecting INFOOBJECT (On SALES REP ID). But not hapening. Why?

1. Check the infoobject whether it is ATTRIBUTE ONLY.

2. Did u selected option- with HIERARCHIES in hierarchies tab.

3. Dont forget external characteristics.

Problem is solved!
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