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Defining InfoSet:
An InfoSet is a semantic layer over the data sources and is not itself a data target and describes the data sources that are usually defined as JOINS for ODS Objects or INFOCUBES- Characteristics with Master data.

What is Join?
A time dependent join or temporal join is a join that contains an InfoObject that is a time dependent characteristic.
InfoSets are 2 dimensional query that we build upon ODS/InfoCube.

Use of InfoSets:
InfoSets allows you to report on several InfoProviders by using combinations of master data bearing characteristics and ODS objects.

InfoSets are good for simple reporting needs with low data volumes and conservative performance expectations.
InfoSets are best suited for snap shot-type reporting.
InfoSets are often used in combination with Virtual InfoProviders for data reconciliation purposes.

So what are Classic InfoSets and InfoSet?
Important points to remember:
Below 3.0 SAP release Versions we call as Classic InfoSets.
>3.0 SAP Release versions, we call as InfoSets.

Classic InfoSet gives you a view of data set that you report on using InfoSet query.
InfoSet is a BW-Specific view of data.
InfoSets are not BW repository objects but SAP Web Application server objects.
InfoSet query can be used to carry out tabular (Flat) reporting on InfoSets.

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