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Do you know about these TYPES in SAP BI BW?

Do you know about these TYPES in SAP BI BW? Very Important:

What are the types of DataSources, TransferRules, InfoSources, InfoObjects, Transfer Methods, types of Updates?

There are :

2 Types of InfoSources ( Direct Update & Flexible Update)
3 Types of Transfer Rules
3 Update Methods for InfoPackage
3 Update Methods in Logistics Extraction
3 Types of Updates( Full, Init, Delta)
3 Types of KF Updates ( source KF, DirectMapping, Formula, Routine)
4 Different types of DataSources : A,T,H,TD
5 Different types of Source Systems?
5 Update modes
5 Types of InfoObjects
6 Control Parameters for Transferring Data
6 Types of connections between the Source Systems and the BW
6 Types of Record Mode
8 Delta Terms
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