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Warm wishes to all readers. Its grt to see u all again.

 Am getting many mails from readers asking questions regarding the interview.
They asked:
Am fully perfect (prepared) in SAP BI, but am having fear of attending the interview.
What the questions the recruiter ask?
How much experience to add in my resume?

Don't get fear, no one will shoot u if u go to attend interview.....
Questions will be as per the Company's Project Requirement......
Experience to project? More the experience u project, much tough will be the interview.....

So what to do: Consider u r going to war, assume u had no exact weapon. so what happens, ultimate failure occurs. So in our scenario, Weapon is SAP BI BW knowledge to win.

If you want to study all the SAP BI BW contents, it may take 2-3 yrs, i.e. equally time taken for graduation course. But i want to say one thing thoroughly prepare the concepts, where your work will flow in Real-Time.

Your work will focus on only these concepts:
Modeling of:

Extractions: FI_SL , FI_GL, CO_PA, Generic Extractors, and Various DataFlows
Reporting: Creating Input Ready Query, BEx Query Designer, BEX Wad etc.

Process Chains
APD-Analysis Process Designer

Performance regarding Front end (Reporting) and Back end (Modeling & Extraction)

These are the common interview questions repeatedly they ask in every interview face-to-face or telephonic.

  1. Tell something about your self?
  2. Differences between star schema & extended star schema?
  3. Checking extractor & How its working?
  4. What is reference and template?

If any one ask u the 3 questions, leaving 1st question.
What the answer will be?
Memorize the answers now as this is a real interview.

You must explain each concept broadly minimum 3-5 minutes for each question, so that the interviewer comes to know you have knowledge. Am only insisting on main thing, gather knowledge (Theoretical concepts) to crack interview.

  1. Tell something about your self?
What you say? Don't say your history starting from ur child hood (Introduction). If u say all about: starting of education and the year of passing and regarding the career, the interviewer will become bored.

So what to do?
Try only to explain the strengths u had, and explain ur work on SAP BI as a consultant.

Now feel relaxed.
Ok Readers! Just rate (1-10) your self now how perfect you are. So u r now in ur shoes and know ur capability.

I like this below quote said by Dr. Seuss
You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who'll decide where to go.
Said by Dr. Seuss 

Prepare well.

Thank you so much reader
Hav Grt Day

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